House Manual

The password will be sent to you the morning of check-in along with the keypad code to the door.
No parties. Please do not disturb the tenants next door. They have an older dog who does not bark but may pop out in the yard with her owner. 

The fire extinguisher is under the kitchen sink.

We ask that you put your dishes in the dishwasher. There are Calgon pods on the counter.
Please leave your use towels in the tub.
Don’t worry about making the bed as we will wash all linens.
Don’t worry about emptying the garbage.  

The end tables in the living room have USB ports and outlets in the tables themselves, located to the back of the first shelf.

There’s filtered water in the refrigerator. Fill the back water tank of the Keurig with water. Press the power button. Grab a mug and a K-cup from the cabinet above the coffee maker. Lift the handle on the Keurig and place in a K cup. There are washable K cups if you prefer to use your own coffee grounds. Place a a mug under the spout. Close the lid. The cup size lights will flash. Select your preferred cup size.

The instructions to the larger OXO coffee pot are in the left-hand drawer beneath the dish rack.

Dishes are in the cabinets by the sink.

Eating utensils are in the drawer to the right of the stove.
Cooking utensils are in the drawer to the left of the stove.
Pots, pans, and mixing bowls are in the upper cabinets by the stove.
Recycling goes in the lower cabinet to the right of the stove. There are empty shopping bags in the container behind the recycling bin. 

General Amenities

Private entrance

Backyard with table, chairs, and umbrella shade

Dedicated workspaces: Two desks, paper, pens

Large selection of books and reading material

Air conditioning
Wifi, Ethernet connection, upstairs wifi extender
Big screen TV with Netflix and Roku - Use "Hidden Oaks" profile. Feel free to log out and use your own login if you prefer.

Security System 

Keypad locks (an assigned code will be given to you the night before your stay)
Carbon monoxide alarm
Hardwired smoke alarms
Washer/Dryer in basement (separate entrance)

Kitchen Amenities

Pub table (2-seater)

Microwave (apartment size)

Stove/Oven (standard size)

Cups, plates, bowls, mixing bowls
Wine glasses, coffee mugs, drinking glasses

Utensils and Silverware
Baking sheets, pots, pans (pasta and bread pans)
Dish rack, detergent, cleaning supplies

Coffee maker (single cup Keurig and OXO brew pot)
Smoothie blender

Trash bags, sandwich bags, paper towels
Fire extinguisher (under kitchen sink)

Bedroom Amenities

Dedicated workspaces - desks in each room
Bed linens, pillows, blankets
Blackout curtains

Clothing storage - dressers and hangers

Portable hand steamer (bedroom 1 closet)

Record player (bedroom 2)

Ceiling fan (bedroom 1) portable fan (bedroom 2 in cabinet)

Bathroom Amenities


Towels, hand towels, wash cloths
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap

Hair dryer
Small supply of basics (bandaids, floss, pads, lotion)