Set aside day-to-day distractions to focus on writing or to simply find inspiration at our historic, creative, yellow half-timber close to downtown Columbus.
Grab a book from the library to read on a blue velvet sofa or in the backyard with the birds under the maple and walnut trees.

Living Room


Bathroom on first floor

Video of hallway and bathroom

Kitchen - new butcher block Table, and Back Door

Kitchen - new dishwasher

Tile Painting in progress - Cymatics of pollinator sounds and the vibrations of the plants they pollinate .

Radio Cove by stairwell to upstairs. Works! First dial on the left to power on.

Hallway to Upstairs. New shelf for more books!

Back yard

Back yard seating area

Back yard - alt angle

There are several local coffee shops nearby if you prefer an active environment. Some are listed on the Things To Do page.  But when you're ready to lay out materials on an inspiring desk, we have two! The desk in the first bedroom is walnut with carved lyres in the base and a surface inlaid with sheet music of the Beatles.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 queen-sized bed

Bedroom 1 desk

Bedroom 1 - ceiling fan has been updated

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 desk

Front Entrance

The desk in the second bedroom is a walnut Victorian secretary with a solid pull-out surface and many secret drawers and compartments. Both desks have paper and pens in the drawers. The windows of the bedrooms look out onto a red brick church. The church lost its pastor a few years ago and is essentially a ghost property belonging to the congregation. The neighbors hope it will be repurposed into a community center.